Hamper Supplies UK


What are Hawkins Hamper Supplies office hours ? 
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. A 24 hour messaging answering service is available outside office hours.

Do Hawkins Hamper Supplies deliver products ordered?
No, Hawkins Hamper Supplies is a sales agency.

Can more than one manufacturers products be ordered on the same e-mail/fax/phone call? 
Yes, it saves valuable time and money. Please ensure manufacturers products ordered meet the minimum carriage paid delivery.

Do Hawkins Hamper Supplies monitor orders placed ? 
Yes, all orders are acknowledged and delivery progress monitored.

How can I get information of products and packs ?
Contact Hawkins Hamper Supplies by phone on 01797 253756 | 07968 308269

Email; john@hampersupplies.co.uk